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American Federation of Labor Asks Attlee to Halt Destruction of Jews in Palestine

William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, today cabled a strong appeal to Prime Minister Attlee to “immediately stop” the “policy of death and destruction of Jewish people in Palestine” by British troops. Green said he had been shooked by reports on treatment of Jewish civilians in Palestine which he received from the Histadruth.

Green’s telegram to Attlee said: “It seems inconceivable that Jewish people who migrated to Palestine in order to save themselves from utter destruction in certain totalitarian nations in Europe would be killed and injured by armed forces of Great Britain whose obligation and duty it was to save their lives and protect them against those forces which sought their utter annihilation.

“I appeal to you in the name of seven million members of American Federation of Labor to immediately stop this policy of death and destruction of Jewish people in Palestine; to save Jewish life rather than destroy it; to make Palestine what people of the world have always understood to be – a place of refuge for persecuted Jewish people.”