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Hungarian Government Members Promise to Unite Deported Jews with Their Families

Members of the new Hungarian Government assured Jewish leaders that special efforts will be made to reunite Jewish families, members of which were deported, and to help repatriated deportees re-establish themselves upon their return home, it was announced here today by Lewis Stockler, president of the Budapest Jewish community.

Addressing a meeting of families of deported Jews, Mr. Stockler said that Minister of State Szakasits had promised the speedy return of the deportees, adding that they would all take part in the nations reconstruction program. Similarly, Alexander Millock, Commissioner of Displaced Hungarians, pledged that everything posible would be done to hasten the return of the deportees. He explained the difficulties with which the government is confronted.

The announcement that a list of displaced persons in the American, British, and French zones would soon be available was greeted with sobs by families attending the meeting.