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Palestine Jewish Assembly Rejects Bevin Statement; Says Jewish Community Will Fight It

The Jewish National Assembly of Palestine, by a statnding vote last night of its 500 members, unanimously rejected the statement of British policy on Palestine made in the House of Commons on Nov. 13 by Foreign Minister Bevin, and adopted a resolution stating that “the Yishuv will combat this policy and the Jewish nation will oppose it.”

The resolution asserted that the Bevin statement confirms the White Paper, converts the Jews’ right to their homeland into a favor dependent on others, “thus bearing the way to the remnants of European Jewry and leaving racial land restrictions in force,” and converts the Jewish nation into a “Jewish community” and the Jewish national home into a “Jewish home.”

The Assembly also approved a declaration by the Chief Rabbinate condemning the Bevin statement and stating that “we hereby declare in the face of Great Britain and all the nations, that our right to Palestine, which is based upon the Eternal Book, is valid in the fullest cogency and force in the present day.”