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American Jewish Conference Declares Bevin Prejudiced Anglo-american Inquiry Commission

Prime Minister Clement J. Attlee was told in a letter addressed to him by the American Jewish Conference, and released today, that “It will be extremely difficult for Americans to have any confidence in the deliberations of the Angle-American Committee of Inquiry” on Palestine because British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin’s recent statement on Palestine in the House of Commons had “prejudged and prejudiced” the findings of the Inquiry Committee.

Protesting Mr. Bevin’s continued attempt “to create a non-existent cleavage” between Jews and Zionists, the Conference asserted that the overwhelming majority of American Jews are united in their opposition to the White Paper and in their expectation that Britain shall fulfil her obligations to the Jewish people under the terms of the Mandate for Palestine, entrusted to her by the League of Nations.

A copy of the letter was sent to Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, with a note stating that it reflected the views of the American Jewish Conference on the Palestine issue and the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry.