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Delegation Arrives Here to Spur Emigration of American Jewish Youths to Palestine

A delegation of four Jewish youths has arrived here from Jerusalem to urge American Jewish youths to come to Palestine.

At a press conference today at the Henry Hudson hotel, the delegation, composed of two young men and two women, pointed out that the Jews from Europe who succeed in reaching Palestine are too weak for active physical labor in developing new settlements. “We need the strength of American Jewish youth to build a strong economic democracy in Palestine in order to absorb more Jewish refugees there.” Yola Golan, one of the delegation declared.

The young people pointed out that many American soldiers who visited the Jewish settlements in Palestine during the war were greatly impressed by the accomplishments there. Members of the delegation said that a number of American Jewish youths are now being tained on two Hechalutz farms in New Jersey in preparation for emigration to Palestine as Chalutzim.

On January 2nd, Dr. Chaim Weizmann will address a Carnegie Hall mass rally calling for physical help to Palestine, it was announced at the press conference.