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Agudah Parley Says Surviving Jews Must Be Moved to Palestine As Soon As Possible

Declaring that the surviving Jews of Europe have no place to go but Palestine, the closing session of the international conference of the Agudas Israel today urged that efforts be made to transfer displaced and refugee Jews to Palestine as soon as possible.

At the same time, it demanded that the military authorities and UNRRA improve conditions in the displaced persons camps pending emigration of the Jews, and asked the United Nations to recognize the Jews’ right to Palestine “based on God’s promise in the Forah,” by abolishing the White Paper and carrying out the pledges contained in the Balfour Declaration. The nations of the world were also asked to create the elementary prerequisites for continued existence of the Jewish people.

The central bodies of the Agudas Israel were urged to contact other leading Jewish organizations in an attempt to establish a joint political front, while safe-guarding the Agudah’s independence. An end to the “discrimination” by Jewish bodies against members of the organization wishing to go to Palestine was also demanded.