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Einstein Hits World’s Callousness to European Jews; Calls for End to White Paper

Charging that Nazi violence against Jews was ignored by the world until the Germans extended their aggressions, Prof. Albert Einstein said last night that even now there is no country, besides Palestine, where the Jews can live in peace and security, and they are barred from there by the White Paper.

In a transcribed address to the Fifth Annual Nobel Anniversary Dinner at the Hotel Astor, Prof-Einstein said that the fact that many Jews are “still kept in the degreding conditions of concentration camps by the Allies gives sufficient evidence of the shamefulness and hopelessness of the situation.”

“It is sheer irony.” he said, “when the British Foreign Minister tells the poor lot of European Jews they should remain in Europe because their genius is needed there, and on the other hand advises them not to get at the head of the queue, lest they might inour new hatred and persecution. Well, I am afraid, they cannot help it; with their six million dead they have been pushed at the head of the queue, of the queue of Nazi victims.”