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American Jewish Delegation Demands Immediate Removal of Displaced Jews from Germany

Displaced Jews must be taken out of Germany immediately, if a “disastrous breakdown of morale” is to be avoided, three representatives of the American Jewish Committee who have just returned from there warned today.

In a statement to the press, Max Gottschalk, Herman A. Gray and Lewis Neikrug, who studied the question of rehabilitation and resettlement of the Jewish D.P.s, said: “During recent month the situation of the displaced persons in camps in Germany has repeatedly been brought to public attention. There has been sharp criticism of shortages in housing, food and clothing. Vital as these things are, they do not go into the heart of the problem. The fact is that displaced Jews must be taken out of Germany immediately, if there is to be any hope for them. Nobody ever expected that they would remain in camps in Germany beyond the time needed for their recovery from total exhaustion.”

Their statement added that “it is profoundly disturbing that the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees recently met and adjourned without doing or planning anything for the displaced Jews.” The question of resettlement, they said, is one for the United Nations, but immediate emergency action must be taken,” if this handful of survivors of the Nazi terror are to be saved.”