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Iraq Chamber of Deputies Protests to Truman, Stalin, Attlee Against Jewish Immigration

The Iraq chamber of deputies yesterday approved a resolution protesting against the British Government’s decision to permit continued Jewish immigration into Palestine pending the findings of the Anglo-American inquiry commission, it is reported from Bagdad.

The resolution will be forwarded to President Harry Truman; Trygve Lie, secretary general of UNO, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee; Premier Joseph Stalin; Senator Kenneth McKellar, president of the United States Senate; Speaker Clifton Brown of the British House of Commons and Azzam Bey, secretary general of the Arab League.

It said in part: “The British Government’s decision taken under the threat of Zionist terrorism in spite of the pledge given in the White Paper has caused the worst possible impression in Iraq in particular, and among Arabs and Islam in general. This action is likely to influence the Anglo-United States Commission studying the Jewish problem to reach a decision against the Arabs of Palestine, living peacefully in their home and having them replaced by scattered peoples. The British Government’s decision is regarded as a threat to the existence of the Arab nations.”