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U.S. Army Search Teams Have Discovered over 3,000,000 Jewish Books in American Zone

Nearly 3,000,000 Jewish books, many dating back to the Middle Ages, have been uncovered in the American zone by search beams of the AMG’s Monuments and Fine Arts Office.

Capt. S.J. Pomrenze, of Chicago, who is in charge of the military government’s fine arts department in Greater Hesse, said that the loot so far recovered fills a large five-story building here, which formerly belonged to I.G. Farben.

Whatever is salvageable–and much has been destroyed–is being catalogued and will eventually be returned to the countries from which it was stolen. Among the collections are the famed Rosenthal Library from Amsterdam, consisting of about 35,000 books and the Spinoza Library, stolen from the Hague.