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Jewish Repatriates from USSR Receive J.D.C. Relief at Soviet-rumanian Border Town

Jewish repatriates streaming into this border town from Russia are receiving prompt relief from a team of Joint Distribution Committee workers stationed here to provide cash, food and clothing assistance.

In addition to a grant of 50,000 lei per person, the J.D.C. is distributing men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as sugar, condensed milk, cheese and other foodstuffs to the refugees who are coming from the Soviet province of Bucorina. It is estimated that 15,000 Jews from that province, principally from the capital city of Czernowitz, are returning to Rumania with the permission of the Soviet authorities.

For the poor, the aged, the sick, the children and orphans now coming across the frontier into Rumania, the J.D.C. is providing medical aid and emergency housing. Many children are now living in a nearby orphanage supported by the J.D.C. A special grant was recently made available to the Skulianer Rabbi in Czernowitz for relief there.