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Tel Aviv Jews Preparing to Receive La Spezia Immigrants; Nordau Passengers Still in Camp

Preparations have been made by Jewish leaders here to receive the 1,014 Jewish refugees from La Spezia, Italy, who are expected to pass Tel Aviv bound for Haifa tomorrow morning.

David Remez, secretary general of the Histadruth, and one of the 16 Palestine leaders who went on a hunger strike until the Palestine Government consented to the admission of the refugees apprehended at La Spezia as they were preparing to embark for Palestine, will board the Fede as she and her sister ship, the Fenice, pass Tel Aviv. Remez will bring the immigrants greetings from the Palestine Jewish community and from the hunger strikers.

When the immigrants land at Haifa they will be taken for clearance to a camp that has not been used for the last 13 years, because the 1,760 visaless arrivals on the Max Nordau are now at the Athlit camp and there is not sufficient room for both groups. This is considered by some Jewish circles in Jerusalem as an indication that the Government has decided not to release the Nordau immigrants for the time being. There is speculation as to whether the Palestine Administration intends to keep them interned until next month’s quota is allotted on or after June 16.