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Russian Ambassador’s Visit to Syrian President Did Not Deal with Palestine Situation

Russian Ambassador Daniel Solod’s recent visit to Syrian President Shukri al Kuwatly was in connection with an appeal to the Soviet Union by Syria’s Caucasian minority and the subject of Palestine was not mentioned, reliable reports from Damascus stated today. It had previously been reported and subsequently denied that the Soviet ambassador had promised support of the Arab position on Palestine.

Reuters reports today that at least six exiled Palestine Arabs, two of whom were active in the Arab riots of 1936-1939, have arrived in Damascus after five years in Europe. Some of the Arabs flied to Germany after the collapse of the Arab uprising in Iran in 1941. One of the exiles stated that he had reached Beirut from Marseilles. He said that he was the only Arab among a boatload of Jewish immigrants who disembarked at Haifa. The exiles are reported to be active in Arab politics and are in daily contact with Palestinian Arabs, including Jamal Husseini, who is now in Damascus.