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Defense Completes Case in Trial of 20 Landsberg Displaced Jews Accused of Rioting

Defense counsel for the 20 displaced Jews being tried here by an A.M.G. General Court for participating in a riot at Landsberg on April 28 during which several Germans were injured, completed its case this morning.

Eight of the defendants, including three who had previously been identified by prosecution witnesses as among the participants in the disturbance, took the stand. The three who were allegedly identified denied taking part in the outbreak and insisted that the only reason they were arrested was because they “did not run fast enough, like the rest of the crowd.” Two other defendants accused by Germans of assaulting them declared that they had arrived late in the disturbance and had remained out of curiosity.

After the morning session, the court ordered a recess until tomorrow when both the prosecution and the defense will make their concluding statements.