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Attitude of U.S. Government Towards Transfer of 100,000 Jews is Studied in Palestine

Both Jewish and Arab leaders here are studying the statements made today and yesterday by State Department spokesmen in Washington concerning the admission to Palestine of 100,000 displaced Jews from Europe.

A spokesman for the Jewish Agency issued the following statement: “The test of the Jewish attitude to the policy of the United States Government is whether or not the Anglo-American committee’s recommendation for 100,000 Jews to be permitted to go to Palestine immediately will in fact be implemented and without delay. It is gratifying to learn that this is apparently the intention of the United States Government.”

Jamal Husseini, chairman of the Arab Higher Committee, declared that the U.S. stand on the 100,000 Jews was “one good reason why the Arabs will refuse to participate in any further consultations. So long as the United States declares its policy first and asks Arabs to talk it over afterwards, it is obvious that no useful purpose can be served by further discussions,” Husseini added.