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Senator Mead Calls for War Against “racial Royalists”; Asks Transfer of Jews to Palestine

A war against the “racial royalists, who, motivated by lust for superiority, would maintain, through discrimination and segregation, a vicious and inadmissible hierarchy of privilege,” was called for tonight by Senator James M. Mead addressing a dinner at the Commodore Hotel celebrating the 72nd birthday of Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress.

Senator Mead declared that the homelessness of the Jews impairs the unity of the world. He urged that displaced Jews and other Jews who can find no peace in Europe be removed to Palestine–“without delay and without excuses.” The birthday dinner was tendered Dr. Wise by more than 500 groups affiliated with the Association of Fraternal and Benevolent Organizations of the American Jewish Congress.

Senator Mead paid tribute to the long and courageous struggle by Dr. Wise and the American Jewish Congress “for the rights of labor and the common man… to assure the security of the Jewish people throughout the world.” He praised the recent achievements of the American Jewish Congress in its program “to end the inequalities by which men are divided” and in developing “new means of teaching people to live together in friendship and cooperation.”