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Split in Rumanian Jewry Widens; Zissu Resigns Leadership; Differs on Minority Rights

A.L. Zissu, prominent Rumanian Jewish leader, today announced that he has resigned the presidency of the Jewish National Party, and relinquished the chairmanship of the Rumanian section of the World Jewish Congress.

His resignation came as a result of differences of opinion between him and his close collaborators over internal Jewish affairs and on the Jewish attitude towards the policy of the present Rumanian Government. Zissu insisted that the Jews in Rumania must demand recognition in the forthcoming parliamentary elections as a Jewish group advancing Jewish national demands.

For a time Zissu negotiated with Dr. William Filderman, another leader of Rumanian Jewry, for the formation of a united Jewish national representative body. The negotiations were unsuccessful because Dr. Filderman objected to designating the new group as “national.”

In announcing his resignation, Zissu emphasized that he was not withdrawing from public life, but that instead of being bound by the decisions of the organizations which he headed, he will carry his proposals “directly to the Jewish masses.”