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Canadian War Veterans Call on Provincial Legislatures to Outlaw Racial Discrimination

The Canadian Legion, an organization of war veterans, has called upon all provincial legislatures to enact measures outlawing racial discrimination. Pointing out that such discrimination threatens the unity of war veterans and of Canada in general, a resolution adopted at the organization’s convention here states:

“The Canadian Legion reiterates its condemnation of racial discrimination in any manner of form. The Canadian Legion urges all provincial legislatures that have not already done so to enact legislation against racial discrimination; that said legislation shall prohibit the publication of display on lands or premises or in the newspaper, through a radio broadcasting system, or by means of any other medium, of any notice, sign or symbol, emblem or other representation indicating discrimination or any intention of discrimination against any person or any class of persons for reasons of color, race or creed of such person or class of persons. The Canadian legion will use all legitimate means at its disposal to effect the speedy enactment of the above resolution.”