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Arab League Hits U.S. Aid to Zionists; Warns of Clash Between Arab and American Interests

On the heels of a statement by the Palestine Arab Ligher Committee yesterday, taking President Truman to task for his offer to aid in resettling 100,000 Jews in Palestine, the Arab league today criticized the assistance given to the Zionists by the United States.

“We feel that Zionist policy is on the point of succeeding in bringing about an intensive clash between the interests of the Arab Middle East and the policy and interest of the United States,” the statement added.

The League said that it cooperated with the Anglo-American inquiry committee “lest the policy of friendly America should be affected by the claims of a clamorous and noisy band of Jews in the United States who possess means not available to the Arabs by which they can direct American public opinion towards a goal injurious to Arabs.”