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Polish Deserters from Anders Army Training Syrian Arabs for Attacks on Palestine Jews

A number of Polish officers and men, who either lived as civilians in the Middle East or who deserted from the army of Gen. Wladislaw Anders, have in recent days joined the newly organized bands of Fawki el Kawkaji, in Syria, where they are assisting in training Arab guerrillas for future anti-Jewish operations in Palestine, according to Polish circles in London. Kawkaji gained wide notoriety for his acts of bloodshed in the Palestine riots of 1936.

These sources added that the Poles going over to Kawkaji, whose number is unknown, did so chiefly because of the high rate of pay offered them. (Many thousands of Poles left Russia with Gen. Anders and went subsequently to Palestine, including several hundred criminals who had escaped from Poland to Russia. Most of the criminals were weeded out from Gen. Anders’ ranks but they remained in Palestine.)