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American Military Officials Lauded for Cooperation with Displaced Jews in Germany

Speaking to a group of more than 100 Allied military and civilian officials at the first such meeting in the Jewish Club of Berlin, Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein, advisor on Jewish Affairs to Gen. Joseph T. McNarney, praised the cooperation and sympathetic understanding shown by top military officials in Germany and Austria toward the displaced Jews.

Following talks with hundreds of Jewish DP’s in almost every camp in the American zone in Germany and Austria, Rabbi Bernstein declared he was convinced the sole answer to the Jewish problem was migration, adding that “migration means Palestine for at least 90 percent” of the displaced Jews.

“The world failed these people once when it permitted six million persons to be murdered. It must not fail them again. They must be given the opportunity to emigrate and to rebuild normal, respectable lives,” he stated. Rabbi Bernstein said he would suggest to the Army that incentives such as increased provisions and American or British currency be given the Jewish DP’s for work performed.