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Revival of 1919 “committee of Jewish Delegations” Being Discussed in Paris

Revival of the “Committee of Jewish Delegations” which played a historic role in securing guarantees of Jewish minority rights at the Versailles Conference, is being discussed by the various Jewish delegations assembled at the Peace Conference here.

Members of the several delegations who are usually on opposite sides in matters affecting Jewish life are convinced that only coordination of their efforts can prevent the 21 nations attending the conference from becoming confused as to Jewish demands.

The demands of the various groups follow pretty much the same line–protection of Jewish rights in former enemy countries–whether they come from the World Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Board of Deputies of British Jews or other bodies. Jewish leaders feel, therefore, that separate and, perhaps, conflicting action would be unjustifiable.

Louis Lipsky of the American Jewish Conference and Dr. Simon Segal of the American Jewish Committee met today for the second time in what was described as a “friendly atmosphere.” No decisions on unified action, however, are expected before the arrival here of Prof. Selig Brodetsky, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and Henry J. d’Avigdor-Goldamid, of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and others.

At a meeting last night of the representatives of the American Jewish Conference and the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Nahum Goldmann was asked to negotiate with the other Jewish organizations in their behalf. The talks are not expected to enter an intensive stage, however, until a common formula has been worked out by the Congress, the Conference and the Board of Deputies to present to the representatives of the American Jewish Committee and the Anglo-Jewish Association.

The talks among the Jewish delegations seems aimed less at reconciling their differing ideologies than at reaching a working agreement on practical steps to be taken in common in the best interests of protecting Jewish rights.