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Vessel Bearing 2,000 Sighted off Haifa; Rumored Visaless Jews Will Be Turned Back

The refugee ship “Yagour,” which is reported to have more than 2,000 displaced Jews aboard, was sighted tonight proceeding toward Haifa.

The vessel, which is named after a Jewish settlement which was badly damaged during a search for arms by British troops last month, is the third to enter Palestinian waters this week. It brings to over 5,000 the total number of visaless Jews to arrive since Monday.

It was reported today that the authorities here are considering returning the 570 Jewish refugees who arrived yesterday aboard the “Hayahal Haivri” to Antwerp, their port of embarkation.

It is also reported that the government may soon reverse its policy of accepting visaless immigrants and deducting them from the regular monthly certificate allotments.

The 2,700 “illegal” immigrant who arrived here on Monday aboard the S. S. Haganah are now quartered on ships lying in Haifa harbor.