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Germans in American Zone Not Receiving Re-education Against Anti-semitism

No organized program of re-education to combat anti-Semitism is being undertaken, as yet, by German officials in the American zone in Germany, Dr. James Pollock, formerly director of the regional government coordinating office and a member of the staff of Lt. Gen. Lucius Clay, deputy military governor of Germany, told a press conference here today. He returned from Germany two days ago.

He added that he thought that the German officials were helping the DP’s by allocating larger amounts of food and that under the jurisdiction of the German officials an involved set of laws were being drawn up providing for the restitution of Jewish property.

Dr. Pollock said, in response to questioning, that the underground movement of Jews to Palestine, “must have been organized to a certain extent in the American zone. They are certainly coming in awfully fast,” he said, and added that it was a serious strain on the food allocation program.