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Palestine Censor Suppresses Washington Report on Mufti’s Collaboration with Axis

The Palestine censor today suppressed the news from Washington that the State Department will publish documents establishing the ex-Mufti’s collaboration with the Axis. All other reports concerning the ex-Mufti were similarly suppressed today.

(In London, the Cabinet met today to decide on the request of the Palestine Arabs that the ex-Mufti be permitted to participate in the London talks on Palestine. No announcement was made as to the decision reached, but government sources indicated that the request would probably be rejected since its acceptance would provoke world-wide criticism, because of his pro-Nazi record.)

It was reported here today that a large camp for Jews intercepted en route to Palestine is now being built near Tobruk by the British administration. Charles Passman, Palestine representative of the Joint Distribution Committee, was today permitted to visit the camps at Cyprus, following the rejection yesterday of a J.D.C. offer of assistance for the Jewish internees there.