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Property of Murdered Heirless Transylvanian Jews to Be Turned over to Jewish Communities

Property left by Transylvanian Jews who were exterminated in death camps and left no heirs will be handed over to the Jewish communities to be used for vocational retraining and reorientation, it was disclosed today by Leopold Fildermann, chairman of the General State Industries, who recently returned from the Paris Peace Conference where he was a member of a Rumanian Jewish delegation seeking to secure Jewish rights.

Fildermann, a prominent Socialist, said assurances to this effect were given by the Rumanian delegation at the Paris conference during discussions with World Jewish Congress leaders. Other assurances given Jews, according to Fildermann, included stat pensions for orphans and widows of Jews killed in pogroms or exterminated after deportation, and compensation for material losses suffered as a result of racist legislation or physical violence.