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Truman’s Reply to Attlee Reiterates Demand for Immediate Admission of 100,000 Jews

President Truman’s reply to Prime Minister Clement R. Attlee’s letter regarding the President’s reiterated demand for the immediate admission of 100,000 Jews from Europe to Palestine goes into great detail on the question of Jewish immigration to Palestine, it was learned here today.

The text of the reply is still secret, but it is understood that Truman insisted on the opening of Palestine to 100,000 displaced Jews and emphasized again that the United States is ready to assume responsibility in helping these Jews reach Palestine.

Problems of Palestine security are now being discussed in London between Viscount Montgomery and a number of British military commanders who arrived here this week from the Middle East. It. Gen. Sir Evelyn Barker, commander of the British troop in Palestine and Transjordan, is leaving Palestine for London next week, it was officially announced today.