Mizrachi Convention Rejects Partition; Gellman Calls It “fatal Political Error”
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Mizrachi Convention Rejects Partition; Gellman Calls It “fatal Political Error”

The 27th annual convention of the Mizrachi Organization of America today adopted a resolution rejecting proposals for partition of Palestine and “reaffirming the historical claim of an independent Jewish state within its historic boundaries as ordained by the Torah.”

The vote on the resolution came after a sharp attack on the partition proposal of the Jewish Agency executive by Leon Gellman, Mizrachi president, who told the convention last night that the Executive’s partition proposal was a “fatal political error,” Reporting on his recent visit to Palestine, Mr. Gellman said that “the outside world has no conception whatsoever of the violent terroristic acts of the British Administration.”

Gedalia Bublick, honorary president of the Mizrachi Organization, speaking today, called on the forthcoming World Zionist Congress to make radical changes in the leadership of the Jewish Agency executive. He attacked the present Zionist leadership for its “weak, spineless policies and defeatist attitude.” Rabbi Max Kirshblum, executive vice-president of the organization, who introduced the anti-partition resolution, warned that the Mizrachi would be forced to leave the Jewish Agency if the Executive did not follow a line agreed upon by all Zionist bodies.

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