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Italian Police Raid Jewish Dp Centers; Irgun Says It Blasted British Embassy in Rome

Italian police yesterday raided a number of “kibbutzim” in northern Italy where displaced Jews are being trained for colonizing in Palestine. No official explanation was given, but the Italian press linked the searches with the bombing last Thursday of the British embassy building in Rome. Fifteen persons have been arrested in connection with the bombing including a man seized today, who is stated to be a Slav.

The Irgun Zvai Leumi has distributed to U.S. correspondents here a communique taking responsibility for the blasting. The communique declared that Irgun forces had attacked the embassy “which is one of the centers of anti-Hebrew intrigues and the principle executive of operations strangling repatriation of Jews.”

A Polish Jew named Heinrich Mohler was arrested today following the smashing of a British plaque near Florence commemorating a parade of the Allied forces attended by King George. Several non-Jews were also detained.