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Land Mine Explosions Nightly Occurrences in Palestine Despite Rigid Security Measures

Despite the most rigid security measures, the police and military authorities seem to be unable to halt the widespread sowing of land mines by terrorist forces which result in the almost nightly blasting of military vehicles, trains, road and rail bridges.

Last night-which was a fairly peaceful one–started with the blowing up of a train near Ras el Ain, north of Tel Aviv, during which three railwaymen were injured, and ended at dawn with the blasting of another train five miles from Jerusalem. There was no damage caused by the latter explosion and the train proceeded after sappers removed another mine a short distance from the first. In the intervening period a jeep was blown up near Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, the soldiers charged with maintaining the nightly curfew in Jerusalem have hit on a new sport to occupy themselves. They bet on who can break more windows in Jewish-owned homes. The hundreds of gaping panes in the Jewish quarter attest to their marksmanship.

It is reported from Nicosia, Cyprus, that a military court of inquiry has been established to investigate an attempt to break out of the Caraolos Camp on Saturday, during which two visaless Jews and one non-commissioned officer were wounded.