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Palestine News Agencies Instructed to Clear Items with Censor Prior to Distribution

The censorship today informed all news agencies in Palestine that as of Dec. 1 they will be required to submit certain items to the censors before distributing them to their client papers. The order will affect British and American agencies, including the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The items which will require prior clearance by the censor include all news referring directly or indirectly to Palestine, including statements by Arab and Zionist bodies and individuals. Internal security was given as the reason for issuance of the order.

The Egyptian Government has been censoring Jewish mail between Palestine and Yeman, even destroying some, in violation of international postal regulations, the Hebrew newspaper Davar revealed today.

A Jewish Agency spokesman protested the violation of the mails and called upon the Palestine authorities to intervene with the Egyptians and also with the Lebanese Government which denied landing permits at Beirut to American Jews en route to Palestine.