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German Socialist Leader Expresses Belief Jews Permanently Cut off from Germany

Dr. Kurt Schumacher, leader of the Social Democratic Party in western Germany, told a press conference here that he feared the German Jews have finally cut themselves off from the German people. He said that although that was not surprising in view of what the Nazi Reich did to them, to him personally it meant a distressing loss.

Dr. Schumacher declared that he was shocked to see the small number of German Jews who have returned to Germany in the past 18 months, and said he feared that the failure of others to return implied a lack of confidence in Germany’s economic future. “If the Jews return,” he said, “they will find a welcome very different from what they had before.”

He told reporters that the Germans were prepared to compensate Jews and help in their rehabilitation, but that at present they do not have the means to do so. He believed that could be done, however, if Germany went Socialist.