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World Jewish Congress Body Closes European Conference; Asks Reparations from Germany

The five-day conference of the European Consultative Council of the World Jewish Congress closed here yesterday with the adoption of resolutions demanding the inclusion of specific clauses in the peace treaty with Germany guaranteeing Jewish rights and reparations.

Pointing out that Germany bears the greatest responsibility for the present plight of the Jews of Europe, the Council demanded the inclusion of the following provisions in the peace treaty:

1. Germany is to pay reparations for the reconstruction of Jewish communal life in other countries, particularly in Palestine; 2. Discriminatory legislation shall be abolished and racial hatred shall be considered a criminal offense; 3. Germany shall guarantee fundamental human rights and freedoms; 4. It shall make full restitution for Jewish property seized or destroyed by the Nazis and shall surrender heirless Jewish property for Jewish reconstruction; 5. Displaced Jews shall never fall under the jurisdiction of Germany; 6. Property of German Jews outside Germany shall be exempted from seizure to pay German reparations.