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German Coal Shortage Forces Closing Down of Transient Center for Jewish Infiltrees

The Munich Deutsches Museum, part of which has been used as a transient center for Jewish infiltrees from eastern Europe, was ordered closed down today by the Army. A military spokesman said that the small number of infiltrees–there are less than 50 daily–does not warrant keeping the center open in view of the acute fuel shortage.

Future transients will be processed at a Yugoslav center here, but the spokesman said that a separate building will be set aside for the Jewish DP’s. It will be capable of handling 150 infiltrees daily.

Five million dollars worth of Red Cross supplies are being transferred to the Army to help care for displaced persons, it was announced tonight by U.S. military headquarters in Frankfurt.

The supplies include 300,000 sweaters, 80,000 pains of socks, gloves, hats, scap, razors and other miscellaneous objects.