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Charges of Anti-semitism in Argentine Province Aired in Chamber of Deputies

Charges and counter-charges concerning the allegedly pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic actions of the governor of the province of Santa Fe were voiced in the Chamber of Deputies today by Peronist and anti-Peronist representatives.

Radical Party deputy Rubino asked that the federal government intervene to check the activities of the provincial administration. Defending the governor, Peronist deputy Arias said that the mayor of the city of Rosario, in Santa Fe, had reinstated several dismissed Jewish physicians and had some Jews in the municipal administration.

Radical deputy Dellepaire interrupted at this point to shout: “There are Jewish Nazis, too.” To which Arias replied: “Then the roles are now changed.” Another Radical Party representative, Busaniche, charged that a publishing house owned by high officials of the Santa Fe provincial administration had printed a booklet paying tribute to “The Heroes of Nuremberg.”