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La Negev Arrivals Transferred to Cyprus; Jewish Agency Says Deportations Spur Terrorism

The British merchant vessel Empire Heywood left this port for Cyprus this morning carrying 656 men, women and children who arrived here yesterday aboard the blockade-runner La Negev.

One of those wounded during a clash between the passengers and a boarding party, and a later fracas on the pier when the refugees were being trans-shipped, died today. The name of the victim was not immediately announced. Several other wounded are still in hospitals.

Prior to the departure of the Empire Heywood, a Jewish Agency spokesman, appealing to the government to allow the immigrants to remain, told a press conference that “every deportation provides an atmosphere and a state of mind on which terrorism feeds. Deportations are a disturbing factor in the Yishuv’s fight against terrorism,” he continued. “We cannot tell Jews to combat terrorism when their suffering brethren are deported.”