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17 Countries Invited by Poland to Send Observers to Trial of Oswiecim Camp Conseder

Observers from 17 countries, including Britain and the United States, have been invited to the trial of Rudolf Hoess, former Nazi commander of Oswiecim extermination camp in Poland, who is charged with sending Jews and Poles to gas chambers, it was announced here today.

The trial is scheduled to open in Warsaw on March 11. An official statement published by the Allies soon after the arrest of Hoess said that he admitted responsibility for gassing over 2,000,000 people. Prior to being appointed contender of the Ogwiecim camp, Hoess was adjutant to Josef Kramer, the “Beast of Bal sen” who was executed for his crimes last December.

(Memorial services for the Jews who died at Oswiscim were held in Fragus today. About 1,500 persons attanded the observances, which was arranged by the Jewish Community Council.)