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of Unrra Functions to Iro Proceeding, Although Latter Still Not Official

The transfer of the UNRRA staff and activities to International Refugee Organization is proceeding expeditiously and a meeting of IRO Preparatory Commission is slated to be held in Lausanne on May 1, despite fact that as yet only 12 of the 15 necessary signatures have been obtained to IRO constitution, it was learned here today. The organization cannot come into ?icial being and start operating until 15 nations, including those who will contri?e at lest 75 precent of the IRO budget, have signed.

According to French experts attached to the preliminary IRO organization is not expected that resettlement of all refugees will be completed before five ##rs after the IRO begins functioning. They expressed the belief that most of the ##wish DP’s will reach Palestine within the next two years. These experts pointed ? that the restictive immigration policy of the United States was an obstacle a prompt solution of the refugee problem.