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Britain and France to Hold Further Discussions on Curbing Immigration to Palestine

A Foreign Office spokesman today announced that Anglo-French discussions “on a technical level” will be held soon to discuss French “cooperation” with the British drive to cut off visaless immigration to Palestine. It is expected that the parley will be held in Paris.

Although the spokesman still declined to release the contents of the French note on the matter, he said the aim of the discussions would be a “general attempt to tighten immigration regulations.” Asked whether the French note was satisfactory, he answered: “It is a step forward.” He also stated that the discussions will not cover the same ground as an earlier British French-American meeting on illegal immigration from Germany, and will be a purely Anglo-French matter.

Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs Christopher Mayhew announced in Commons that Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin has been in touch with Lord Inverchapel, Ambassador to Washington, on reports of a new drive by the American League for a Free Palestine to raise funds for visaless immigration.