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66 Percent of American Press Favors Zionist Case at United Nations, ZOA Poll Reveals

Sixty-six percent of the American press supports the Zionist position at the United Nations and expresses a condemnatory attitude regarding Britain, the Arabs or the Palestine stand of U.S. at the United Nations, it was revealed by Ernest E. Barbarash, director of public relations of the Zionist Organization of America. Based upon a study made by the Twohey Analysis of Newspaper Opinion of Washington, D.C., these figures further reveal that ten percent of the press is inclined toward defense of the British, while the balance, a total of 24 percent, is noncommittal.

Of the majority group of 66 percent, 26 percent blast the British as simply seeking more delay in furthering a U.N. investigation and as having given no promise to abide by UN recommendations. Another 22 percent are critical of United States policy and urge its clarification, while the others express the opinion that Jews should have a right to a spokesman before the U.N. because the Arabs have such a spokesman. They disapprove Arab proposals for immediate Palestine independence and support a United Nations investigation as blocking such a move.