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Congressional Hearings on Dp Admission Opens Today; Proponents and Opponents Mobilize

Pro-immigration and anti-immigration groups were mobilizing their forces today in preparation for the House hearings tomorrow on the Stratton Bill recommending the admission into the United States of 400,000 displaced persons from Europe within four years.

The bill, which has the support of both the State and Justice Departments, does not propose a change in the present immigration quotas, but urges utilization of the quotas which were not used during the war years. The hearings before the House Sub-Committee on Immigration are expected to last three weeks.

Among those listed to appear in opposition to the measure are Mervin K. Hart and John Trevor of New York, well known isolationists, who are now currently engaged in distributing anti-immigration propaganda to members of Congress. Among the first to speak in favor of the bill will be representatives of various church groups as well as several members of the House.

Jewish organizations will have a single spokesman: Gov. Herbert Lehman, who is expected to testify shortly before the hearings end. Representatives of the State and Justice Departments are also scheduled to appear.