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Ben Gurion Says Soviet Pledge with Regard to Palestine at U.N. Can Be Trusted

The Jewish Agency today disclosed that David Ben Gurion has cabled to the London Times emphasizing that he has complete faith in the pledge with regard to Palestine made by Soviet representative Andrei Gromyko at the recent session of the United Nations. Gromyko advocated the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, failing the creation of a bi-national state.

The cable was precipitated by a published report from the Times Jerusalem correspondent asserting that Ben Gurion, speaking before the Jewish National Assembly last month, had said that the Jewish Agency cannot have any confidence in Russia, because the Soviet Government has often broken its pledges. In his cable to the London paper, Ben Gurion not only protested against this report as being “completely untrue,” but declared that quite to the contrary, he told the Assembly that Russia’s word can be trusted.