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?ewed Nazi Race Propaganda Hindering Attempt to Wipe out Anti-semitism Among Germans

Racial propaganda is threatening to “seriously im##de Allied efforts to fight anti-Semitism among the German people,” according to a##port issued yesterday by the International Committee for the Study of European questions, which details the re-emergence of fascism in Germany, Italy, the British and American zones of Germany and other countries in Europe.

The report reproduces photostatic copies of anti-Jewish propaganda sent by the Swedish anti-Semite Einar Aberg to countries on four continents. Some of his##terial was addressed to Arnold Leese, former chief of the Imperial. Fascist League in England, who is now serving a one-year jail term for helping Nazi war prisoners to escape.A letter from a German living in the British zone, which appears in the report, states that “Nazis are now at the head of the best businesses, have cars of their own and are again at the head of everything. I know some among them who were the most awful Jew-baiters.”