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British Fascists Stepping Up Activities in Palestine; Circulating Anti-jewish Doggerel

A “hymn of hate” being circulated here by members of the British armed forces and police gives further proof of the extent to which members of Sir Oswald Mosloy’s British Union of Fasciste have infiltrated those organizations.

The poem, consisting of three brief verses, is addressed to the home folks in England, and relates how although the war is over for them “it’s just begun” in Palestine. It looks forward to the day when “the Jews will go down on bended knees.”

The BUF members have been sent into the police force through recruiting drives in England. The fascist leaders apparently consider Palestine, with all its tension and turmoil, an ideal breeding ground for fascism and a suitable training ground for its strong arm squads. The young army conscripts make good modiums for speading fascist propaganda, to which they are receptive since they have little idea of what is going on here, except that the Jews are shooting at them.

The first public disclosure of the fascist activities in the police force came with the official admission last week that a high-ranking police officer was connected with the abduction and probable death of a Jewish boy, and had fled to Syria with two associates to escape punishment.