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U.N. International Law Body Adjourns After Failing to Act on Genocide Draft

The U.N. Committee on International Law adjourned its first session today, after refusing to act on a convention outlawing genocide.

In a 90-minute debate during which most of the 17 members admitted the urgency of the problem, the committee referred back to the U.N. secretariat a draft convention on genocide which the secretariat had prepared. The members declared that in the abaence of instructions from their governments, they could take no action. For once, the U.S., Britain and the Soviet Union were in agreement, all three opposing immediate action.

Replying to a query by the J.T.A., most of the delegates expressed confusion as to the fate of the genocide draft. A spokesman for the secretariat said, however, that it would be circulated among the 55 member nations, but he expressed doubt that sufficient replies would be received in time for the Economic and Social Council to act on it at the Council’s meeting next month, which was the original intention.