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U.S. Jews Charged on House Floor with Seeking to Destroy Immigration Laws

American Jews were accused on the floor of the House of Representatives today by Rep. Ed. Gosset, Texas Democrat, of attempting to tear down the country’s immigration barriers and to "control the press and radio for selfish ends."

The charge was made in a brief address scoring the Stratton Bill, which Gosset attacked as Jewish-inspired. He also accused Jewish groups of using non-Jewish groups and individuals to achieve their own "obviously selfish purposes."

Eschewing anti-Semitism and lauding the contributions made to the nation’s development by Jewish immigrants, Gosset warned U.S. Jews that "when they band themselves together in Jewish organizations, when they use their power and influence for obviously selfish purposes, when they seek to control the press and radio for selfish ends, when they conspire to destroy immigration barriers, they stimulate and promote anti-Semitism within this country to the serious detriment of all.

"Unless they desist and refrain from such activity, they will bring great sorrow upon this nation," he added. "For the aske of all the Jews, as well as the rest of us, they must not become a minority pressure group in this country."