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Property Left by Heirless Czech Jews Goes into General Fund; Unavailable for Jewish Needs

A bill incorporating heirless property left by Czech victims of the Nazis in a general currency fund, to reimburse persons whose funds were blocked immediately after the liberation, was adopted yesterday, despite protests by the Council of Jewish Communities. Property belonging to missing Jews will now be placed in this fund and not be available for specifically Jewish causes, as the Jewish community had been promised.

The Czech Legion, war veterans organization, and Jewish student and veteran groups have cabled Palestine High Commissioner Sir Alan G. Cunningham, asking a pardon for Jacob Weiss, one of the three Irgunists condemned for participation in the A(##)prison break. Similar cables were sent to U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie and to the U.N. inquiry commission. They point out that Weiss fought heroically as a (##)ter and partisan. Weiss’ sister, who lives in Slovakia, is en route to Palestine to see her brother.