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Palestine Rabbis Appeal to High Commissioner to Spare Lives of Three Condemned Jews

Chief Rabbis Isaac Herzog and Ben Zion Usiel and ##l Aviv Mayor Israel Rokach today appealed to Palestine High Commissioner Sir Alan ##nningham and military commander Lt. Gen. Gordon H.A. MecMillan for elemency for the #ree Jewish youths condemned to die for participating in the Acre jail break.Meanwhile, Asher Levitsky, an attorney representing the families of the con?mned men, appealed to Cunningham for commutation of the sentence. Making a special ?ea for Edith Weiss, who journeyed from Czechoslovakia to be with her brother Jacob, ?vitsky pointed out that Weiss had served the Allied cause well in the war when, as partisan, he placed his life in jeopardy to rescue Allied war prisoners. Levitsky ?so made a formal plea to Gen. MacMillan asking for a stay of execution pending Cun?ngham’s action on the case.

The Irgun said tonight that “if a criminal hand is raised against our three prisoners of war’ we shall make our arrows red with the blood of the hangmen.” In statement issued to the press it appealed to the United Nations Special Committee ## Palestine “to fulfill its duty and prevent the murder” of the three men.