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to Aid Communities Planning Permanent Uso-type Services for Armed Forces

When the USO is formally liquidated on December (##), 1947, communities planning to provide a permanent, peace-time, inter-faith and ?ter-racial community-wide service program for the armed forces and hospitalized (##)terans like those developed by USO during the war years will have at their dis(##)sal the manpower, resources and experiences of the National Jewish Welfare Board, (##)ank L. Weil, JWB president, announced here today. JWB is one of the six member (##)encies of USO.

The first major city in a military area to launch such a post-war USO type of program is Philadelphia, Mr. Weil said. In that city the Community Chest accepted (##) report of a committee of the local USO Council calling for the establishment of (##) Philadelphia Service Council to carry on continuing USO type services on a peace(##)ne basis. After December 31, 1947, the new Council will be financed by the Community Chest. Milton Feitelson, former USO-JWB director in Philadelphia, has been named director of the new service program. The Philadelphia Army and Navy Committee of (##), one of 300 still functioning, is integrally related to the new program.