Curfewed As Extremists Carry out Country-wide Attacks on Railroads, Military
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Curfewed As Extremists Carry out Country-wide Attacks on Railroads, Military

A ten-hour dusk-to-dawn curfew was today clamped in the Jewish quarter of Haifa as extremists attacked British military installa and railroads throughout the country. Haifa, where tension ran high during the (##)nd as a result of the deportation of the Exodus’ immigrants and the burial of of the refugees killed aboard the blockade runner, was the scene yesterday of (##)lling of a British policeman.

The major casualties today occurred in the landmining of a military truck on (##) near Raanana. One soldier was killed and one seriously injured, while two (##) received light wounds.

Seven different attacks were carried out against railroad installations and (##)g stock of the government-owned railroads during the day. No casualties result(##)m the raids. On the Jaffa-Jerusalem line a railroad employee who discovered a in time and was investigating it was fired upon, but was not hit.

Near Haifa about three feet of track was torn up when a bomb exploded under a (##)nt train. At several other places in the Jaffa and Rehovoth areas a track was up and a locomotive and a freight car were blasted by mines. At Rehovoth a num(##)f trains were delayed when British sappers exploded a mine rather than attempt (##)smantle it. Several other bombs were discovered and rendered harmless.

Sirens sounded in Jerusalem this afternoon and the military was alerted follow(##)n attack on a sentry outside the Machne Yehuda police station. The sentry was in the arm and the side by a man on the roof of a nearby house.

In Tel Litwinsky the headquarters of the First British Infantry Division was asked tonight by a group of men using mortars and automatic weapons. No reports (##)sualties have been made, but it was announced that one bomb exploded within the enclosure.

Late tonight an armored car was blown up near the site of a former Syrian or(##)ge in Jerusalem, after which sirens sounded throughout the city and all traffic (##)alted. At the same time a violent exchange of automatic weapons, small arms and mortars was heard. A short time later another explosion rocked the center the city.

Beside the constable killed in Haifa yesterday, two other persons, one a Jew, wounded in the attack. In Jerusalem, last night, a landmine blew up a truck in northern part of the city. Five soldiers were injured and three Jews including (##)o-year-old child were injured by the repercussions of the explosions. In addi-four Jews were wounded when troops opened fire after the bombing.